Friday, March 18, 2011

Nutella Party That Almost Never Happened!

Whhoosshhh..Today I hosted the last of four Nutella parties and I am happy to report that Nutella has some big and some new fans in New York.

I have been a Nutella fan for over 40 years. It was a staple in my house growing up. Who doesn't love chocolate and why not spread it on bread? Oh yeah!

Growing up we used Nutella in the most basic way. Spread it like peanut butter between two pieces of bread and wah la, heaven sandwich!

Over the years I used it on wraps, between cookies, heated up on a waffle, Nutella brownies, pies and more so when I was asked to host a Nutella party, I was thrilled and happy to share with my girlfriends.

Nutella Party

The first party was set up for March 7th, we had a half day at school due to the weather. The second was set up for the 11th and had to be canceled because the school was flooded. The weather wasn't cooperating and Mother Nature was giving me a complex. Was I not supposed to have this party? Was it ever going to happen?

March 14th, another party was set and half my guests canceled due to sickness for themselves, their kids or car problem. We had all kids of issues. So, I had the party anyway, supplies had been purchased for the party on the 7th and I was worried about my breads, croissants, yogurt and fruit going bad. It had to happen regardless of the 5 who couldn't come.

So, 6 of us, got together for coffee, tea, smoothies, a collection of breads and enough knives to sample everything. We played Scrabble, passed babies around, and talked, laughed and ate. The best kind of parties! All the ladies have at one time or another had Nutella but had no idea of all the ways to use it. They had never thought of putting it on anything but two slices of bread. They loved the idea of waffle sandwiches or open faced sandwiches with fruit on top. They also were impressed with something that I also learned during the party. Nutella is a great alternative to peanut butter. If someone has a peanut allergy they can eat Nutella. We think peanut allergy means nut allergy but it doesn't.


Goddess loves chocolate but has a peanut allergy. I wanted to test it and she wanted to try it. I gave her the smallest amount of Nutella on my pinky. She loved it but I was still nervous and told her that we would wait an hour. So, there I sat with my Epipen at the ready. Nothing! She was fine and has had a Nutella sandwich for lunch 4 days this week. Which is great because lunch is always stressful and she has never had a sandwich before. Lunch for Goddess, handled! Thanks Nutella.

Today's final party was scheduled for after the school morning meeting. We headed to my house, I started the coffee and tossed a bunch of stuff on the table and walked back to get mugs. When I got back two of the girls who had never tried Nutella were sticking plastic knives into the jar. They LOVED it and wondered what took so long.

Everyone was excited about their gifts from Nutella, a spreader, sample of Nutella, computer mug, coupon and recipe ideas.


Thank you Nutella. I will be a fan for life and you gained two NEW fans.

Disclaimer: I hosted Nutella through a Mommy Parties Campaign who provided the information and gift bags for me and my friends.


  1. Anonymous12:16 PM

    Thank you so much for inviting me to this Nutella party. I did not grow up with this so it was nice to be introduced to something that my daughter LOVED!!!

  2. Funny, I was supposed to have a Nutella party too. Problem is my box of goodies never arrived. If it does I will surely have one, but it's extremely hard without the stuff.
    Glad you got yours in. I love Nutella still.

  3. Nutella is wonderful! We eat it on Ritz crackers or vanilla wafers for a quick snack.


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