Monday, March 28, 2011

Dialogues With Goddess 3-28-11

This morning as we were driving to school Goddess asked,
"What would happen to us, if something happen to you and Daddy?"

I told her not to worry and that nothing was going to happen to us but if something did,
"your aunt will take care of you."

She said, "I would want you to be there."

"I know, I always wanted my mommy there when I was little too."

"It's sad that your mommy isn't here. You should look in her mirror (now mine) and look for her. Maybe she will be there,"

*insert me freaking out*

"Ahhh, maybe, why have you ever seen anyone in the mirror?"

"No, but since it was her mirror maybe if you told her you want to see her, maybe she will come!"

Well, now, this is not the conversations I want to have with my daughter. You know, any that include me not being there for my kids, but now, the paranormal stuff...this is just too freaky.

Seeing something in a mirror is one of my fears. It is not something I have ever talked about but she totally freaked me out today! I know she is innocent and just almost 6 year old talking but, I was totally freaked out with goose bumps and all.



  1. oooh, that would bring the goosebumps! Maybe she was thinking about the talking mirror in Snow White or something like that at the time?!
    Isn't it hard when the little ones start talking death--its difficult to strike a balance between reassuring them and being completely honest about how life works.

  2. Good idea though. She loves you and just wants you to see your mommy, and have the love she gets.

  3. I was thinking the Snow White Mirror thing too.
    Wow, kids bring up the strangest questions, but I think you handled it very well. They just want to know what's going to happen to them, if something does.


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