Friday, October 22, 2010

Yoplait Save Lids to Save Lives MyGetTogether Event

Most of us know that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and from now until December 31st, you can help the cause by purchasing Yoplait Yogurt and sending in your lids.

In support of Breast Cancer, Yoplait and MyGetTogether sponsored a really fun get together for me and some of my girlfriends. I received the "My Get Together" box on Monday afternoon and Tuesday via Facebook sent an invitation to 14 local friends.

Today 6 girlfriends and I sat around a lovely table display of Yoplait Yogurt, a pink ribbon cake, fruit and more to discuss the topics that are important to us; Yoplait, Yogurt, Breasts, Breast Cancer, Early Detection, Halloween, Kids, Husbands and the additional random drama in our lives.

We read a page and a half of a book entitled Promise Me by Nancy G. Brinker the founder and CEO of Susan G Komen for the Cure and discussed the various people in our lives who have been affected by breast cancer. I failed to mention that I did the Avon 3 Day walk the year before my son was born and will discuss it with them next time. Maybe it is something a bunch of us can sign up for one day.

After playing with the yogurt for a while we finally ate some.

There are so many flavors and varieties.

After 2.5 hours our first guest was ready to go (her baby was due for a nap) so we gathered up our lids, cleaned them off and they are ready for the post office.


Here is how you can mail out your lids.

Mailing in Lids

During the past 12 years, Yoplait has passionately supported breast cancer awareness by donating more than $25 million to the cause. This fall, special pink lids will appear on Yoplait cups, and for every pink lid saved and sent in by December 31, 2010, Yoplait will donate 10 cents to Susan G. Komen for the Cure®, up to $1.6 million with a guaranteed minimum donation of $500,000.

Participating brands include the following:
Yoplait® Original
Yoplait® Light
Yoplait® Thick & Creamy
Yoplait® Light Thick & Creamy
Yoplait® Whips® o Yoplait® Delights™
Yoplait® Greek o Yoplait® Large
Yoplait® Frozen Smoothies

Wash your lids well and let them dry

Address your envelope to:
Save Lids to Save Lives
P.O. Box 420704
El Paso, TX 88542-0704

Be sure to put your return address on your envelope, including your zip code. Apply your postage.

You can mail up to 12 Yoplait yogurt cup lids with one First Class U.S. postage stamp. - Drop it in a mail

We had a great time and the winner of the Yoplait Save Lids to Save Lives Bookmark was Sandra the founder of The Baby Bindle Company which you will be hearing more about in the coming months.

Thanks to MyGetTogether and Yoplait for sponsoring my educational and inspiring Get Together.

Disclaimer: MyGetTogether supplied me with a $15.00 cash card for yogurt, a fact sheet, coupons, self exam shower hanger, breast cancer flyers, a copy of Promise Me and a bookmark as a door prize. 


  1. I already have a good size pile here! R eats a ton of yogurt and Yoplait is gluten-free so I can eat it too :)

  2. Anonymous12:47 PM

    What a great get together for a great cause. Sounds like everyone had a good time.


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