Thursday, October 28, 2010

Put the Baby To Sleep and Enjoy Some Music Too With Cradle Rock Lullabies -

We have always used music at night for Handsome. He is still listening to the same CD he listened to before he was even born. I was that mom, you know the one; I wanted him to be calm and experience my world before he was even here. Every night, I would come home from work and lie down with the headphones on my belly. At the time it was Piano By Candlelight. Then after my baby shower, it was a Baby Einstein Classical CD. He still listens to it. Nightly he shuts off the TV and turns on his music. Most nights he is asleep before it ends but if not, he asks us to restart it. 7 years of hearing the same music and he still loves it. We on the other hand, want it as low as possible. We think it's sweet but after 7 can imagine.

What I Can Tell You:
I listened to the music while doing some posts, email and dishes. It is the songs I know and love but done to relaxing and soothing lullabies Babies and their parents will love these CD's and look at those covers; who wouldn't love them!?

Don't have kids? Don't worry. Put a CD in your player and sleep like a baby to the sounds of your favorite artists.

There are more titles scheduled like The Black Eyed Peas, Carrie Underwood, U2, Pink Floyd and more. Personally, I would love to hear some Kid Rock, Metallica, Bruce Springsteen, Pearl Jam and Pat Benetar.

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  1. I love this concept! I am a big fan of the Rockabye Baby series, so I think I'd like these, too.


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