Saturday, October 30, 2010

Self Portrait Sunday - October 31, 2010

Self Portrait Sunday is for you to post your photos of Come on, smile for the camera. You know you want to.

Picture 409


  1. Great photo... I "Vampired" myself on Picnic also - it's a great program.

  2. BTW, I love your new look, you did a lot of work on your blog, also.
    I do miss the photos of you and those adorable children on your header.

  3. Happy Halloween!

    That photo is hilarious! And I love your blog's new look!

  4. HA HA we had the same idea, but I went ghastly ghostly, with a vampire twist... LOL
    You look great dead or alive!

    Happy Halloween!!

  5. Anonymous9:26 PM

    I love your fangs!! Great pic.


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