Friday, October 15, 2010

Baby Food Made Freshier, Healthier and Easier

My readers know that my kids are long past baby food but I wanted to let you know about a sample I received from Sprout!

When Handsome was born, I made all his baby food. I would cook all day Sunday, boiling, straining and mashing veggies and he loved it. My freezer was a work of art with container upon container of mini tupperwares containing the name and date of what was inside. It was a labor of love and one that didn't feel like a chore. He was nursing and eating home made baby food. When Goddess came along, I don't remember doing a whole lot of this. It could have been because Handsome was only a baby himself, it because she eat rice cereal, oatmeal, and whatever mashed up veggies I put in front of her. I was more willing to feed a baby the second time around without fear of her choking on every piece.

Not everyone has time for all that preparation but Sprout baby food is the next best thing. The baby food is in a easy travel, easy to open pouch. Simply tear the top and you have your bowl and food in one. No reason to carry a bowl or worry about glass jars or plastic breaking in your travel bag.

Sprout was co-founded by one of my favorite chefs Tyler Florence.

The baby food I tried (yup, I tried it) was Roasted Bananas and Mango. What is not to love about that? There is no heating involved and it taste great. Seriously, I am not kidding. I would totally eat this again.

I know so many parents who used to camp and backpack with their babies back in the day. This would have totally saved them a lot of time and effort. These packs are perfect to stick in a backpack!

For coupons head over here.

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