Wednesday, October 06, 2010

ABC Wednesday - L

This week ABC Wednesday is hosting the letter L.

Love - My daughter is the perfect muse for this photographer. She loves her picture taken and is so fun, the camera and the photographer love her.

Loss - My son had just lost his first soccer game. He didn't want his picture taken but I love the face he has on. One of my favorite pictures.
Sept 18, 2010 (79)

Learning - The Kindergarten class was treated to a Butterfly field trip two weeks ago. They were learning about butterflies and the environment they live in by 89 year old elder who was so passionate about the butterflies and their surroundings it was contagious. The picture below was used in the school newsletter to talk about the field trip. I was thrilled to have a photo taken by me included.


  1. lovely girl. your lad is handsome, too.
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  2. All lovely depictions of L!!

  3. Your children are beautiful - but I love the older guy whose enthusiasm just shines from your picture! Such people are a joy, aren't they?

    Jay - ABC Wednesday team


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