Sunday, August 18, 2019

My Life In Photos - July 26 - July 30

July 26 - Early morning at the Children's Hospital. Horrifying night. My husband had pneumonia and my son Vestibular Neuritis. We didn't know either at this point.

July 27 - So we are home from the hospital after observation and a diagnosis. My son is not himself yet. He is weak, tired, dehydrated and still off balance. I helped him to the deck for some fresh air.  I wasn't sure how fast or slow he would progress at this point but was hopeful for the outcome.

July 28 - Luna likes to make me nervous by hanging off this wall. We have seen her jump down a few times. It is crazy. Cats are crazy.

July 29 - Our kitchen counter between the boys sickness. UGH

July 30 - The only photo I took today.

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