Monday, August 26, 2019

My Life In Photos - Aug 8 - Aug 16

August 8 - After a sudden downpour ended I walked out the kitchen door to see my very own rainbow. I have never noticed one from my house and was so excited to see this one. After every storm Facebook is filled with rainbow photos from friends who spot these beauties and I am always a little bit jealous.

August 9 - Headed to the deck this morning to read some review books. My book mark was some Forget-Me-Nots which were perfect for these books about Faith!

August 10 - I was dying to try that age app everyone else has been posting about.   I can honestly tell you I never looked like yesterday or today although they are beautiful. I am definitely more familiar with tomorrow. FaceApp is such a fun app if you have the chance check it out. It is free.

August 11 - We finally got our first Morning Glorys of the season.

August 12 - Headed to Millbrook with a good friend the day before my birthday.  Ran into a friend, went to the cemetery, drove past my old house, stopped for lunch then headed back home were we spent another hour on her boat. It was a wonderful day. The most relaxing of my summer.

August 13 - The same friend (Mad) who drove me to Millbrook yesterday also drive me to drop grab a rental car this morning because my car has been in the shop since the 3rd took me to breakfast for my birthday. These are her two babies staring us down as we sat in her driveway.

August 14 - The only pictures I took today were of Luna. She looked so comfy on a very uncomfortable ledge.

August 15 - Goddess and her peeps at a friend's birthday party.

August 16 - I am loving the bright yellow of the sunflowers on my deck. So cheerful.

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