Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Inspiration for the School Year - Get Them Off The Phones and Computers And Back To Reading

Oh man...this summer hasn't been good to our family. The kids didn't enjoy their summer but the fact is that school will be starting soon so I have been making a conscious effort to read with my daughter and get her face out of her phone and off her computer. She will need to be ready for her new role as a high school student so I was happy to have these books to read with her.

Goddess is not a reader but if I read with her she will deal with it.

USD: $22.99 | ISBN 9781760634636
Jul. 2019

A Girl’s Guide to Kicking Goals delves into everything from body changes and social media to managing stress and beating the bullies.

This was our favorite of all the books. Laura and Steph did a wonderful job of creating a handbook that all tween, teen, and young adult females should read. Honestly, get your girl this book. We loved reading both girls account of things. The book is broken up into Laura's page and Steph's page and great friendship photos of the girls. As a mom I loved how real they were. They cover all the things I currently worry about for my daughter in this world especially about separating the online life from the real life. This is soooo important. When my daughter started asking about "likes" on social media comparing her art to her peers seductive photos and how the girls get so many likes on a blurry mirror photo with a girl making a duck face compared to her artwork that she puts hours into getting so few. I can only tell her that these things don't matter but Laura and Steph say it in a way that kids will understand. It really doesn't matter in life!

By Natasha Kaufman
USD: $13.99 | ISBN 9781782407676

Mindfulness is a way of being, and this book will help you lay the foundations for a mindful future. 

The 411:

This one was a little hard for us to get into. It wasn't until we got to the exercises that we started to really enjoyed it. I totally agree with Natasha that we as a people need to be more mindfulness. I constantly tell my kids that life isn't behind a glass screen. They need to live it!

There are many helpful instructions included in this book along with the guided meditations.  I think I love them most of all.

Being mindful is good for your health and mental well being.

I highly recommend this book.

USD: $25.00 | ISBN 9781781318270

Discover the inspiring voices that have changed our world, and started a new conversation.  

I honestly love quotes. This is a wonderful collection of speeches from inspirational woman throughout history.

Each woman has her own spread which includes why she is included, her speech and an illustration. 

There were many woman we knew and some we had never head of.

By Quotabelle
USD: $17.99 | ISBN 9781631065309 | Oct. 2018

Grit & Grace is a collection of quotes, thoughts, and advice from female pioneers to inspire young girls and women who want to lead.

OMG...this book is just so pretty with it's pink cover and the gold lettering. Beautiful and gift worthy!

There are so many quotes. I took photos of a bunch of them for my social media. The pages were pretty, the quotes great and the women included inspirational.

All these books are great!

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary product for my honest opinion. No monetary compensation was offered.

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