Saturday, August 17, 2019

Baby Shower Gift Idea For Peace Of Mind

I had my babies after many of my friends and I remember many of them saying, "oh I wish they had this when my kids were little." Now as I shop for a pregnant co-worker I find myself saying the same thing.

The Omie View is a remote-controlled mirror that clips on baby’s bassinet. Gone are the nights where mom or dad jumps out of bed to check on their newborn. Simply adjust the Omie View so one can easily see from the comfort of their own bed!

The Omie View is also: ·
Controlled via remote enabling parents to get the best angle for a perfect view
Has a night light to see baby in the dark
Is a convex mirror
Tilts up and back at an 85-degree angle
A universal fit on bassinets and pack ‘n plays, can also be used on some cribs ·
A tool that can be used in SIDS prevention


I love anything that puts a parent's especially a new parent's mind at ease. I remember being so nervous when we got our baby home from the hospital. We walked in the door of our home. Put the baby car seat down on the living floor, sat on the couch, looked at the baby and said, "oh my God...they trusted us to leave the hospital with a baby? We don't know what to do!" We spent so much time checking on him. We had a crib camera, a heartbeat bear attached to the outside, made sure there was nothing for the baby to choke on our be suffocated by but if my boo was turned away from the camera there was no way to see his little face. The fear of a new parent is real! This would have made things so much easier. You can attach Omie to the crib, turn it as needed, make sure the baby is okay and go relax again as if you will ever relax again.

I cannot wait to meet the new baby in my life and knowing that he or she's mom and dad will have extra peace of mind makes me feel good. 

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Disclaimer: I received a complimentary product for my honest opinion. No monetary compensation was offered.

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