Wednesday, August 21, 2019

My Life In Photos - Aug 1 - Aug 7

August 1 - Goddess and I were dog sitting for a friend. We have been watching him for years but he has changed so much in the past year. He seems so much older.

August 2 - This is Rocky. Look how tiny he is! We have been watching him for about 10 years.

August 3 - This was the day my boys went for a slow walk around the block. My husband getting over pneumonia and my son walking after not being able to walk straight due to Vestibular Neuritis. I was so proud watching them walk together.

August 4 - My cats love to sit on this half wall. I hated it when the kids were small and really hate it now with the cats. At least the kids never sat on it.

August 5 - Nothing taken

August 6 - Oddly enough the only photo I have for the 6th is a screenshot I took online of a photo of the kitchen from my family home when I was a kid. It looks exactly the same.  Found on real estate sites. Have you ever put in your old address?
August 7 - This was a shoot I did with Goddess for a pair of Haram Pants I reviewed. She looks so cute.

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