Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Tra la la la la la Who Remembers The Banana Splits? I Just Watched The Banana Splits Movie - Oh The HORROR!

One Banana, Two Banana, Three Banana GORE! I know I mentioned that THE BANANA SPLITS MOVIE was coming out on Digital, Blu-ray and DVD  but if you were a fan or never heard from them coming to Digital, Blu-ray and DVD from Warner but I finally watched it and it was a bloody blast. 

As a kid my sisters and I watched The Banana Splits, I can hear the song in my head as I type this but this is not The Banana Splits you grew up with.  Bingo, Fleegle, Drooper and Snorky are upset that their TV Show is being cancelled so what do they do? Well, a killing spree of course.  What? Yes...They are  just pissed because they seem to just take people out for no real reason. It is not like they are just going after mean people. They will mess a brother up for being there. 

Our main character is probably Harley a little boy who is surprised for his birthday with a trip to see his favorite show The Banana Splits of course.  After the show some select few with stars on their tickets get to meet the cast. Harley's brother makes a friend with a crew member and gets his brother, family and a friend to attend the meet and greet and things get a little crazy with bodies pilling up everywhere. 

The film is rated R for blood and gore and there are some pretty bloody deaths but nothing is too scary if you have a horror loving kid. It was actually pretty funny and really campy. It kind of reminded me of the FNAF books with robotic animatronics under their suits instead of people. Damn I wish someone would put that FNAF movie out already. It would have made a killing. Pun intended. 

If you are into campy, cheesy, horror movies like me you will enjoy this one. 

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