Saturday, October 01, 2011

Ugh Back Talk Is Going To Be The Death Of Me!

Lately Handsome's back talk has been beyond control. I know kids like to test but he has gone too far. Today by 2:00 PM I was DONE! Done, listening, Done being patient, Done explaining, Done telling him that this is not how we talk!  I was so DONE, I literally had to call for back-up (thanks Clary) to talk me down.

Beside all the colorful, nasty words that come out of his mouth, which are all on our DO NOT SAY list.
Words like:
Shig (that is not a typo, he doesn't know how to say it)


There are also the lovely terms like: 
Damn It!
Shut Up
I don't have to tell you
Alright, I know!
You are giving me a headache
Then a big huff after he tells us any of these.

All of these lovely terms and nasty disposition shock me. Where the heck? Who the heck? What the heck?

Today after his sister made him a picture telling him she loved him with two people hugging, he tossed it and said, "I don't want it."

I called him over and told him that being polite and a good person means that you don't go around hurting people's feelings. "You say thank you when someone gives you something, no matter who it is from. You have no right to hurt people who are trying to do something nice for you. It is not how you would want to be treated. Would you like if someone did that to you? She was trying to be nice. Think before you talk."

With this he does the usual, puts his hands over his ears and tells me, "OK, OK, OK...sheesh. I know. You are giving me a headache.

When I told him to be careful with his mouth, that this is not how he is supposed to talk to his Mommy and Daddy he did it again. Ugh...I don't want to chase him around the house. I want to pummel him to a pulp.  While he gives me his back talk all I can think is, this has got to be my fault. The problem is, I never hit him. I need to hit him. His disrespect for everything and everyone makes me crazy. The only one he shows any respect to and it is minimal, is his soccer coach and Cub Scout den leader (the same guy). He cries when yelled at and there is no talking to him. He refuses to answer questions when we try to talk to him and is always rude.

He is oblivious to almost everything except what he wants and is very literal.

I am posting this because, I want to remember it,  want him to read it and because, hopefully, maybe someone has a suggestion as to how to handle him.

So, in your honest opinion, how would you handle a kid who refuses to do or say what you are asking of him? 


  1. Well, I go through this often but with each soul it's different. It sounds like something is on his bubble and unfortunately you will have to pull it out of him what it is.
    The nasty back talk only gets worse with age if not curbed. I would take something away or ground him if he gets too lippy. But make sure not to give in.
    Best advice I can give.


  2. I agree with Freda--I'm sure he has a video game or a soccer practice he would miss dearly if his attitude doesn't improve. I think every parent in the world has gone through this, so don't think you are alone! Also, maybe some time volunteering somewhere (animal clinic, soup kitchen, etc.) or donating to charity to teach him about empathy and making others feel good instead of hurting their feelings? Just a thought.


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