Friday, October 21, 2011

HexBug Nano Cub Scout Party

Tonight my Cub Scout Den met to discuss our Halloween Terror Trail Skit. They are doing Zombie Camp Out tomorrow night and all of them have to dress as Zombie Cub Scouts so this was the perfect time to introduce them to the newest Hex Bugs!

Our boys were super excited to hear what roles they would be playing in the Town Terror Trail and what better way to start off our meeting with some parent provided snacks and a project. When I walked in with the box, you could hear a pin drop in a group that was running around playing Zombie Tag (their favorite game).

I walked to the center of the room and said, "before our snack, we have a project to do are you up to the challenge?" They ran over to me and screamed "yeah".

Placing the box on the floor, I told them we had a NEW Hex Bug track to put together that glows in the dark.  They ran to the box and I told them to work together to create a massive track for our Hex Bugs. Most of the boys had been to our prior Hex Bug party and got started, the new boys, watched for 2 seconds than raced into the mix. The boys all worked together to create a track while the parents unsure what was going, quietly watched and put out our Halloween Snacks.

We had Zombie Punch and a mom made eye ball cake balls that were so good I wanted more but was kind enough to leave them for the kids. So getting her recipe!  Another mom made mummy dogs, little hot dogs with cheese wrapped in crescent rolls and there were chips for the entire den plus the rest of the school if they were there.

If the boys put it together I tricked them by saying, "awesome..good can take it apart now." They all looked at me until I brought out the shoebox containing the Hexbug Nano Bugs and asked them to put their hand in and see what they got. Some got the Limited Edition Hexbug Nano Halloween Zombie Bugs and some the Glows in the Dark Hexbug Nano Galileo Collection bugs.

The boys were in love with the Hexbug Nano Halloween Zombie bugs which come in their own coffin shaped packaging with a glow in the dark exoskeleton as were us parents. We all love them!

Picnik collage

As the boys raced their bugs I handed out copies of the paperwork I received from MommyParties about the bugs including recipes and games to play at their own home, plus showed them the play sets. Some of the parents were very familiar with Hexbug and some had no idea. The dads were really excited and two got down to play with the boys changing up the playgrounds, disconnecting and connecting the sets easily.

Finally we turned off the lights so we could all watch the action. So much fun. Wish I had a picture of that. Will try to video tape it the next time so you can see it.  It is so cool! After 30 minutes we told the boys they had to dismantle the set because we had to get our Cub Scout Meeting going. While the boys did, I got many questions. How much? Are these in the stores already? What is the age? Can I have one? I did give two extras to two of the dads. They were had to stop playing with them on the table because they were distracting the kids. I think they are perfect gifts and stocking stuffers for the holidays. The price is very reasonable and moms, dads, and kids love them. 

We had the best time and Handsome and his friends love their new HexBug Zombie Bugs. My personal favorite part was listening to them at the end when we left the building. They were all walking together and talking about how their bug was glowing on their hand and how it was going to be their new night light. So happy to be able to share this with the Den!

Goddess was so insulted that she didn't get to participate in the party but I did have a Zombie bug put away for her and a blue robotic Larva, hands down the coolest toy ever.

MommyParties and Innovation First Labs, my Cubs want to say thank you for the "best Cub Scout Meeting ever!!!!

Disclaimer: We received all the tools to throw this Halloween Cub Scout Meeting courtesy of MommyParties and Innovation First Labs, Inc.

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  1. Anonymous3:52 PM

    What a great idea to host this and introduce the Hexbug at a Cub Scout meeting! I am sure you were the coolest, fun, loving person to the boys. Looks like they had a lot of fun.


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