Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Beautiful Night Time Or Anytime Story - "I Believe In You" by Mariannne Richmond

Inspired by her own four children, Marianne wrote I Believe In You because we all want to know we have someone who truly believes in us, no matter what life is dishing out.

Your job of growing up
takes hard work, I know,
but each day is an adventure.
Each problem helps you grow.

Growing up can be a topsy-turvy journey from schoolwork, friendships, fitting in, and standing out. When children of any age know that they have a fan, they feel more confident to problem sole, endure, and succeed.

Whether it’s sunny or stormy,
whether you’re happy or blue,
I’m here to say, without a doubt,
That I believe in you!

I Believe in You encourages kids to look within to find they have all they need to succeed—and to know they always have someone cheering them on.

In My Honest Opinion:
This is my third book by Marianne Richmond, my first being If I Could Keep You Little (my review here) and the second being The Night Night Book (review here)

We are big fans of Ms. Richmond and read her books often. The kids book shelves are over stocked but they often pull these at night. 

In I Believe In You a child is told that no matter what, you will have the power to:
Find new friends if a friend is unkind.
Believe in true beauty and never question your looks
Believe in your courage when you are scared at night
Tell the truth even when it may be hard
and more....

All great messages from a parent to their child. Messages of love that children NEED to hear from the people who love them.

I highly recommend Marianne Richmond's books. They are full of colorful pictures and quick messages that hold your child's attention.

When I asked 6 years old Goddess what she liked, she said: I like how you hold me when you read and your voice. Awww...

When I asked 8 years old Handsome what he liked, he said: The pictures!

There you have it, out of the mouths of my babies. These are books that will be on our book shelves long after the "baby books" are gone!

Disclaimer: I receive a complimentary copy from Sourcebooks for my honest review.

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