Sunday, October 23, 2011

Olly Oogleberry Is An Adorable Alien Here To Teach About Discovery

Olly Oogleberry and his friend of misfit aliens have landed and they are looking for a few earthling to join their UFO army.

As a subscriber, fan and follower, you'll be one of a very special group of earthlings informed of Olly's every move as he travels across our glorious galaxy. Be the first to know of special offers as well as fascinating UFO sightings, space news and who knows what else. The suspense is killing us, too...;-)


My daughter is in love with all things having to do with nature, outer space and art. She loves that Olly came to be over 30 years ago. Inspired by a simply drawing by creator Lou Hughes who doodled in math class when he was just 12 years old, Olly is now the ambassador for children to open their eyes and see all that is good and wonderful in the world and beyond. She is totally inspired and thinking of starting her own character from her drawings.

What I love about Olly Oogleberry is that not only is this a cute character for kids because of his look, color and adorable personality. He also is educational. Beside all the cool products, the website is full of interesting information on earth, space, science, brain teasers, games, puzzles, videos on possible UFO sightings and more!

Christmas is only 62 days away. Olly is an adorable character and if you are looking for something you know they don't already have, this is the way to go! Preteens will go crazy for this stuff too! How cute is this?

Plus, the release of Olly's first book is scheduled for December 7th! You can pre-order here.

Be sure to join the Olly Army on Facebook and Twitter

We are praying for a stuffed Olly in the future, so we have joined to keep informed.

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