Monday, October 17, 2011

Ruby Tuesday

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This past weekend I visited my grandma's house in Millbrook NY. They have owned it since the 40s and it is currently on the market which really makes me sad. While I understand the reason, they are in their 90's and my uncle in his 70s and they live in Queens full time, I am still sad to know someone else will be living there.

Here is a photo my grandma told me she bought many years ago while she was working for $25.00. She said that my Uncle has always wanted to get rid of it but recently notice the same picture, same author different color flowers in a restaurant upstate. The price on the painting was $500.00. She said, "he doesn't want to get rid of it now!" She was like, "why does he want to throw away my flowers? They are beautiful! Cute! My 8 year old Handsome was taller than grandma. She is shrinking with her little tiny 94 year old self. Got to love her!

While this picture is never one I particularly liked, because she loves it so much, I am posting it.


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  1. I like that yu posted this image, from Grandmother...


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