Thursday, September 29, 2011

Ever Heard of Lonesome George & Company?

Neither did I until I received an awesome shirt from Lonesome George & Company.

I handed it to Handsome to put on who now uses his I've-lost-too-many-teeth-to-smile-normal face.

He loved it! He wore it three times since Saturday. When I asked him why he keep wearing the same shirt he says, "because it is so soft"!

He is completely right. When I handed it to anyone for the touch test, everyone comments on how soft it is.

How do they make it so soft? Lonesome George uses high-quality Organic Peruvian Pima cotton and cutting-edge design elements.

This is only one of the reasons Lonesome George is being featured on Maria's Space. I am all about the design and comfort but more importantly, each item tells a story or makes a statement about a cause.  Their garments messages communicate the value your choice has in conserving treasured species, peoples, language, culture, art, and more from around the world.

As if this isn't enough, the company invests 10% of each purchase into education programs to prevent situations like Lonesome George (the last living of his species) from happening for future generations.

You really have to appreciate and respect the diligent efforts of  the crew at Lonesome George. Super quality appeal at a competitive price and they give back in so many ways!

When you wear  Lonesome George & Co. products, you are saying “I am an Agent of Change, I am awake.”

We are new fans of Lonesome George and can tell you that some of the folks on my Christmas list can expect one of these. We especially love the drawstring bag the shirt came in! 

Try out Lonesome George & Company, you won't be disappointed.

Join their Facebook community to stay on top of their latest news, like the fact that they recently launched a Lonesome George recycle t-shirt program! Very cool. Send or deliver the shirt back to them and receive 12% off your next item. By doing this, you can help save over 830 gallons of water. To find out more about this program and how they calculate the 830 gallons, head over here.

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