Tuesday, October 11, 2011

LeapPad Educates More Than Just The Kids House Party

What you are looking at, are two happy kids and a load of Leap Frog products from Leap Frog courtesy of a campaign through Mom Select. 

The Products received were:


LeapPad™ Explorer is the new personalized learning tablet just for kids! A built-in camera/video recorder, a library of 100+ cartridge games and activities and innovative creativity and reading apps offer limitless learning and endless ways to play!



Learn to read with the #1 selling reading system!* The amazing touch technology of Tag brings books to life to teach phonics, vocabulary, comprehension skills and more. And a library of 40+ interactive storybooks, maps and more feature characters to help inspire children to learn to read


World Map

2011 Winner of the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Book Award!
Soar into an around-the-world adventure as you learn fun facts and play games with the two-sided Tag™ World map.
• Teaches map skills, world geography and world languages.
• Meet kid characters from around the world and learn how to say “hello” in their languages.
• More than ten interactive games bring fun characters and map facts to life.
• Parents can follow their child’s play and learning progress on the LeapFrog® Learning Path.
• Play in LeapWorld™, a safe, online learning world with more games and rewards to expand the fun.
We were so surprised when we opened the box and quickly wrote out a list of our friends and then broke it down by age. 

Plus a whole bunch of books! We had a wonderful time learning and playing with all the products prior to our party. Can't teach others unless you know how to use them!

Our party was this past week and here are the results!

The LeapPad Learning Tablet is the kids favorite for sure. They love it!

Goddess -  loves that it has a camera for photos and videos. "I like the video camera and that I can take pictures like you. The coloring programs are fun too!"

Handsome - loves the writing apps "I made a book about me with pictures and everything. It was cool."

Maria/Mom -  I love that you can download apps right onto the tablet and keep track of what the kids are doing through a LeapFrog Connect program I have on my computer. Really cool. Once the kids play with something, I can connect it to the computer and see what they played with, how they did and what their favorites are.

Tag Reading System is super amazing. We love how easy and versatile it is. Depending on the child and their skill level, they can have the page read to them, sounded out to them, or if they get stuck on a word they can hit the word. Each page is interactive. There are many sound effects for all pages.

Handsome - "Each page makes a sound. It is something my classroom would like. Can I take it to school?"

Maria/Mom - I love the versatility and how the Tag System can be used with each child differently.

Goddess - "I just like it. I feel like I can read a whole book"

Tag World Map is just WOW! This was the product the moms were really impressed with. They liked how large it was. Were surprised it two sides and the price of $19.99 really made them happy. We spent a lot of time playing against each other at my house party. As an adult, I'll admit I don't know a lot about Geography. I can honestly tell you, I no longer have to say that. This a great product and I personally think this is something every household should have.

We used this map for Handsome's class work the other day. As we were going over some geography vocabulary words, I pulled out the map and have used it three times since for his homework. Got to love a product that teaches. To use this product, you need the Tag Learning System.

Thanks to LeapFrog and Mom Select for allowing us to review and show our friends. This was our favorite review yet.

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