Monday, October 03, 2011

If It Cannot Be Debunked It Is Paranormal!

Paranormal meaning, not so normal. This weekend appears to have been an interesting one for more than just me.  It seems that Kimberly over at She Scribes and I, had some weirdness in our house that we cannot debunk.

Kimberly had some strange electrical and technology issues that freaked her husband out. 

Mine were about the closet in my hallway.....

A few weeks ago little pieces of paper appeared from under a closet in my hallway. Just little brown pieces that have perforated edges like they came off a box. Last night before bed I heard some crinkle sounds as if someone was rattling paper. My husband didn't hear it but this morning, the closet door was ajar and there was another piece of that paper there. When I opened the door a roll of wrapping paper was there. Same sound. I took everything out and ran my hand along to corners. I found another piece of paper under the wood of the door jam. Ummmm...

This is not the first time I have had paranormal activity but in the past I could always debunk by saying I must have been overtired or waking from a dream.

Not sure that I want to go into those because I choose to believe they were just my mind and by saying them you have to face them.  They were very odd!

So did anyone else have any paranormal activity this weekend?

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