Monday, October 03, 2011

Blue Monday - Baby Blues & A Sad Little Turnip

Odd title, I know but it got you to open the post and really, if we are being honest, having you read is what this is all about.

The Renaissance Faire in Sterling Forest NY has stared in many memes over the last two weeks but it really is a fun people watching experience.

This photo is of one of the actors, his name is Jason. I bought him dinner one night as the fair was ending. It was a spur of the moment thing and since I had a media pass I had extra cash on hand. He helped me order something to drink while I was trying to chew through the steak I had just taken off the stick. The place was about to close and I was in dire need of a drink. He saw me try to order and he told me he could order for me and started pointing saying, "she wants one of these, one of those, this, this, "one of these for me, that, that and that!"

I finally swallowed and said, I just one a glass of lemonade and whatever he wants. He looked at me shocked, Why are you being so nice?" As if things like this never happen. It was only 6.00 and wasn't going to break me, plus I had extra cash. If it was 10 or over he would have been on his own. Plus, he was dressed in character and looked like a peasant. I told him I was a nice person and wanted to buy him his meal. He said he couldn't ask for that but if an angel happened to decide she wanted to give him something that was OK. A bell rang. I asked what it was and he said, "I no longer have to be in character." He dropped his accent and introduced himself. He asked my name, I told him Maria. He sang Maria from West Side Story and we said good-bye. On my last visit there, I spotted him and went over to take some photos. He was juggling and eventually was kidnapped by a bunch of fairies. You can see that in this post!

Here is what he was doing before he was kidnapped.

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