Saturday, September 03, 2011

Through The Glass, I Catch A Glimpse

The kids and I headed out to the Ringwood Botanical Gardens last week. We do it every year before school starts. It is one of our things. We have a few things. Like heading to Chuck E. Cheese and The Turtle Back Zoo but this year didn't make it. Oh well, we will get there.

When I got to the garden I realized and complained, loudly, that I had forgotten my back up battery. What is the sense of being at the garden with just one battery bar? Grrr...

Anyway, I got a few photos of the kids and then spotted myself passing by. I took this to show Babybindle that I use their SeatPak even though I don't have children in a car seat but decided to post it for my weekend reflection this week. Me, my sun hat, my hips, my babies, my SeatPak and my camera. All accounted for. We were looking into one of the event rooms. You can rent out the Mansion for weddings or parties. You can see a linen draped table next to me which was inside the room. Interesting shot especially how everything is vivid except my face which picked up a different reflection from the camera lens. 


  1. Funny self portrait ! I like the way that the reflection mix up with your face...

  2. Anonymous12:52 AM

    Great photo... but I miss your lovely face. =)


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