Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Boys Bake A Cake

Last night Handsome's cub scout troop held their first annual bake off. Boys and their dads, or other significant male had to bake a cake from shopping to clean up. Sounded good and was excited to see Handsome and Teach work together on this project.

Teach picked up the cake mix and frosting on Tuesday and then the oven broke. The heating element in our electric oven broke in three places.

Would they be able to do it? I had no idea how this was going to go down but prayed for the best. All turned out well and the heating element came in Friday at 3:30. I headed to the bus stop to pick up the kids as Teach was fixing the oven.

As soon as Handsome got changed, the cake was started. Teach acted like he couldn't do it but it all turned out great. I recorded them cracking eggs, measuring and mixing. They put it in the oven and Handsome asked for some Wii time before we left.

Well, they made the cake, I cleaned up!

The cake was frosted and decorated and Handsome and I headed out to the Cub Scout Meeting.

We got there and added our CAKE to the array of beautiful supposedly made by father and son cakes. We were asked got write the theme or name of the cake on a card with number 23 on it. We called it "A Cake" basically, that was all it was although a nice looking cake.

The Cubs had a great time playing some organized activities and working together. What I love about the Cub Scouts is how they believe in community and most of the activities involve the boys helping each other. My favorite was the one where one boy is blindfolded while the other cub leads him through an obstacle course. It is amazing how trusting they are with each other.

Here are some of the cakes:

That one in the bottom right had a jello lake! Pretty genius

It was a good time and I am glad Handsome and I were there but the best part was watching my guys work on a cake together.

So, without further ado...I present Handsome and Teach's cake.

My personal favorite if I was voting!

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  1. Their cake is very colorful and nice, but I must say I think I'd try the worm cake first ;)
    I'm so sorry you had to clean a kitchen after two men had been in it!


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