Sunday, September 04, 2011

The Blue Heron

The Weekend in Black and White

I was stepping in closer to take a photo of this beauty. I have been after him for years and finally saw him as the kids and I were driving home. Like all good photographers the camera is always on the front seat and I pulled over, told the kids to stay put and walked toward the lake. As I was taking my second shot, a fisherman decided to bring his boat in spooking the bird. Would be OK if he was going to park but he didn't. Grr...he kept going but at least I got a few shots.

The Blue Heron Stands Watch The Blue Takes Off The Blue Heron takes off


  1. An elegant bird with the water surface as background - great shots! The second picture is captured in just the right moment.

  2. Very good and nice black and white photos.


  3. crystal6:49 AM

    Thats so cool that you wanted to take its picture for a while..beautiful!!

  4. wow...beautiful capture of this birds great wings!

  5. What a great opportunity. I'm glad you finally managed to catch his photo. I love the second photo - he shows so well.

  6. Seeing the heron taking off and then heading up is such a great experience. You were so fortunate to get these captures before he got spooked. We went looking for them last week but only saw a few at the wildlife refuge in VA Beach. That was a terrible disappointment. Lovely shots. genie


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