Saturday, September 03, 2011

Color Carnival #106

We made it through Hurricane Irene and hopefully so did everyone else. A few branches scattered the yard and deck and we lost a tree but fortunately it fell away from the house. We were ready for the worst but fortunately no issues here. The kids loved camping out downstairs with us on mattresses on the floor. They wanted to do it three nights in a row but we told them it is only for special nights. There is another storm brewing but but hopefully it stays well away. There are a ton of areas that can't possibly handle yet more water.

Now for Color Carnival, when I took it over, I wanted to keep it as normal as possible and since it wasn't mine to begin with never felt right making changes. After a year it feels like mine. As of now, things will stay the same. I may make a new button, or change the name to Color Carnival Saturday but for now lets brings on those cheerful, colorful photos.

Here is mine,

IMG_2236 This little guy was caught by my skillful husband after I tried for 20 minutes chasing it up and down the deck. The man who doesn't like to touch snakes, frogs or lizards, finally got it in a pail. We kept it for a few hours in a tank, giving all of us time to take pictures, inspect it and touch it before letting it go. It is a juvenile, Six-lined Skink. Eventually the beautiful blue tail will disappear but look at those colors from nature. Stunning blues. So, what did you spot this week?


  1. A skink! That's a new one for me. Great Scrabble word, and a super colorful photo.

  2. Sara, he was so cute. I wanted so badly to keep him. Yeah it is a good word. I will have to try to remember it.


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