Mellow Yellow Monday - RenFair (Horse and Rider)!


At the Renfair on Saturday alone to take pictures. It was awesome to just walk round and not worry if someone was having a good time or to drag the kids, have to keep them occupied and safe. I kept the camera around my neck and strolled around snapping whenever. I didn't stop to watch many shows but did stand for almost 20 minutes because I had a prime standing for the famous joust with Robin Hood, and the boys.

Here was the rider on my side of the arena. The yellow knight was very funny and made fun of all the other riders. Got to love a good looking guy with a sweet smile who is funny too.

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Cafe au lait said...


My entries are here and here.

Marysa said...

That looks like a lot of fun. I think my kids would love a Renaissance Fair!

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