Thursday, May 14, 2009

Is A Life Settlement The Answer?

When you are younger the thought of protecting yourself at the age of 65 or older seems so far off. I remember when I was in my late 20's working for a doctor and being amazed at the many patients of retirement age still working or going back to work because they hadn't planned for retirement. It scared me then, and it scares me more now, over 10 years later.

Quantum Group is a Registered Investment Advisory firm with more than 17 years experience providing comprehensive and innovative financial solutions for affluent individuals, corporations, seniors, and their families. They are currently offering a complimentary appraisal of policy holders life insurance coverage to determine if they are eligible for a life settlement. For more information and to see if you or your readers parents or grandparents qualify for a life settlement, log on to:

"As parents, we have always been there for our children. Our son lost his job last year. With the cash from our Life Settlement, we can help him and his family to keep their home by giving them the money to make their mortgage payments while he’s unemployed."

“My husband passed away in 2003 and I was burdened with quite a bit of insurance premiums. My accountant suggested that I consider a Life Settlement, which allowed me to sell the existing policies and use the money to buy a new, more affordable policy with much smaller premiums and a larger death benefit.”

Coordinating a life settlement through the Quantum Group, assures you of privacy, dignity and honesty. The appraisal process is free and there is no cost or obligation.

Go ahead, give them a call and enhance your retirement!

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