Monday, May 11, 2009

Amateur Book Review - Dudley's Solo

This week I reviewed Dudley's Solo by Tiffany Alexander.

The best part of being a book reviewer is that sometimes books come across my desk that normally wouldn't have been on my radar.

Dudley is different than his classmates. He is deaf. His friends are rehearsing their solos for the choir concert and Dudley really wants a solo too. His resourceful friends encourage and eventually help Dudley perform his solo making him the star of the show.

What I really loved about this book is the pictures., they are so colorful that even the youngest listen will pay attention to this sweet story.

Dudley's Solo encourages children to:
  • Have self confidence and believe in themselves,
  • Embrace their differences
  • Never give up on something they really want and
  • find the positive lessons in every challenge they are handed.
The author Tiffany Alexander is working on another book in the Children's Band Series called "Ebenezer Opens a Savings Account".

Great Preschool or Elementary School Summer Read. I'm loaning it to my children's preschool this week to read to the classes.

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