Friday, May 15, 2009

Making Birthdays Special For Everyone on A Budget

If you have young children you know how hard it can be on the sibling of the birthday child. The new toys and all the attention thrown at one child, can make for some jealousy and some major referee time from mom.

There are ways to make this easier and more fun for everyone involved.

Siblings Gifts
- Put out a bunch of less expensive things you have gathered throughout the year from sales and let the child pick a gift for the birthday child themselves. It's like shopping in mom's store. Whenever I see a good sale I tend to pick up a few things for those emergency gifts. I have 4 bins of gift able toys, books, DVD's and other things that are great gift ideas for siblings, stocking fillers, or that birthday party you get invited to at the last minute. Target, Walmart, KB Toys and Toys R Us are great for these kind of stock up sales.

Great Birthday Ideas that Cost Nothing or Next
to Nothing but Mean so Much

Handmade Card & Gifts - Who doesn't love something that was made for them?

Banners on Bedroom Doors
- How cute would it be if the birthday person had to walk through a banner when they woke up?

Chores Done Secretly
- A great way to make the day special is to do those chores that would usually be done by the birthday person in secret. The garbage has been taken out? The laundry is done? Their bed is made? This BTW is a great Mother's Day gift idea too.

Song Dedications - Have their favorite song dedicated to them on the radio.

Cup of Tea or their favorite drink on their night-table - Maybe it's just me, but this would make my day.

Notes - Who wouldn't love to open their lunchbox, briefcase, car door, or underwear drawer to find a surprise note of devotion?

Bubble Bath - Imagine walking into a bubble bath already drawn with towels laid out.

Birthday Screensaver or Ecards

These ideas work for children up to Grandparents. Just little ideas to make the day extra special without breaking the bank.

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