Friday, May 15, 2009

Amateur Book Review - Best Intentions by Emily Listfield

When a seemingly good marriage between college sweethearts becomes riddled with uncertainties, the accusations and women's intuition begin spinning out of control.

With mounting proof that her husband is having an affair, Lisa confronts the possibilities of going it alone while trying to maintain her dignity.

When her friend is found dead and more layers of a possible affair surface, she must face her worst fear and confront the man she has always felt was her soft place to land.

Up until the very end, I had no idea who did what.

Best Intentions, is a well-written, smart, story of relationships between parents-children, husband-wives, friends and everyone else who make up the fabric of our lives.

Lisa is someone every women can relate to, she isn’t a superhero, she is just like you and me. She is trying to do the best she can as a professional, a mother, a friend and a wife, while feeling her life is falling apart.

As a blogger I loved the references made about blogging and how they have to be taken seriously. Yeah we knew that.

In a Nutshell: Best Intentions is a really good book. I read it literally in two evening because I couldn’t put it down. Emily Listfield is a brilliant writer. She create intrigue and suspense with tiddy ends. Not a single strand is left out of place. I never had to go back to re-read something I might have missed.

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