Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Got Free Ecards Online

Who doesn't love receiving cards?

I am a total card girl and love giving and receiving them, always looking for the perfect one that says exactly what I feel.

Cards are sentimental and beautiful reminders of how much people care about us. We receive the card, open it, rejoice in the words written on the card or in the signature. Then we showcase it and a few weeks later, we throw it away?!!!

The cost of a card can cost you anywhere from $1.75 - 7.50 depending. The ones I buy are well over $3.50. Why?! Why spend the money on something that brings such joy and then are tossed away or thrown into a memory box to eventually be tossed out anyway?

Check this out!!!!

Free E-Cards

You can send a card to everyone you know, anytime you want, just because.

Father's Day is coming up, check out these fun free Father's Day Ecards. If that isn't enough, you can also add photos, your voice and change the soundtrack. Awesome right?!

Oops, just got to work and realized it's your cube mates birthday. Don't worry, Free Ecards has your back with some free printable cards. Tons to choose from.

The best part of Got Free Ecards is there is no registration, no download, no spam, and it is extremely family friendly.

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