Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tree and Grass Allergies, Are Causing Quite A Stir

My kids are allergic to trees and grass and this time of year is pretty bad for them.

Today the pollen count was a very unhealthy 11.8 out of 12. The kids are fairing better than I would ever be.

We take a lot of allergy meds here. I wanted to mention that Claritin® is currently offering promotions on their Children's Claritin® product:
  • Children's Claritin® Grape Chewables are now available in a bonus pack, with 10 FREE grape chewables — for 10 free days of allergy relief..
  • Children's Claritin® Grape Flavored Syrup also now comes with a package of 5 FREE Chewables — for 5 free days of allergy relief
A full line of allergy relief
And there are plenty of great ways to help relieve a child's worst allergy symptoms no matter what type of medication they prefer. I have one who will not take anything liquid. Thank God for the Grape Chewables. She actually comes over asking for them.
  • Children's Claritin® Grape Chewables (for kids age 2 and up) —provides powerful non-drowsy relief of your kid's worst allergy symptoms in a great-tasting chewable
  • Children's Claritin® Grape Flavored Syrup (for kids age 2 and up) — provides powerful all day relief without drowsiness in a great tasting, dye-free syrup
  • Claritin® RediTabs® tablets (for kids age 6 and up) — instantly dissolving tablet your child can take anywhere, with or without water*

  • Click here for a $2.00 coupon

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