Monday, December 29, 2008

"They're Here"

We always ask Goddess why she ends up in our bed. Her reasons change over the weeks.

Reason 1 - "I don't know".

Reason 2 - "I really, really try but I can't do it".

Reason 3 - "My dreams bring me to your bed, I am very, very sorry".

Reason 4 - "The TV brings me to your room." This is what she told my husband last night. Today I asked again. Her answer was "The TV brings me there. It takes me by the hand and walks me into your room." I asked whose TV and she said "yours."

I am not sure why my TV is pissed at me but I seriously need to talk to it. The Teach and I wake with terrible back aches over the past few years because we have to share a bed with the twitching little mama. I may have to get rid of the damn TV and see what happens.

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