Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Goddess Randomness

When my daughter is spinning around when she stops she pretends to bump around and says, I'm busy!" When I ask "you're dizzy?" She says, "No,'s the same word!"

Today, in the car she shouted, "look it's a shooting star! LOOOOOOKKKKK"!!!!
When I looked up it was a plane but I love that she thought it was a shooting star.

She likes her hair braided these days and calls it "Katy Hair." She gets so excited when she sees herself in the mirror with her Katy Hair. When we finally take the braids out she says, she has "your hair." She likes my hair natural and I like it straight. I make it straight because I love her hair she wants hers wavy because she likes mine. Already at 3 she wants hair she doesn't have and doesn't want the hair she does. Grrr...women are never happy.

She is in the Why stage and asks why for everything. Now, instead of just why she says, "Whhhyyyy da do dattttttttttttttttt?" Agggghhhh!

When I put her to bed at night she says, "stay wit me!" I tell her I can't because I need to, fold clothes, drink my tea, sit with daddy or whatever else I need to do that night. After that she says, "ok, but will you come and check on me?" It takes everything to walk out of her room.

As crazy as this chick can make us with her banshee shriek we are totally in love with her. She is the sweetest baby girl ever. It is impossible to get mad at her even when she makes me mad. God I hate that!

These days she wants to help. Whenever we are cooking or cleaning she is asking to help. She also takes it upon herself to do quick pick ups. I was about to clean up the other day when the phone rang. I picked it up and had a conversation with my girlfriend. As I did I watched Goddess run around putting things away, throwing things away, putting stuff in the sink, in drawers, on beds or wherever they needed to be. It was actually very amusing to see her little mind work. She is an amazing 3 year old and I adore her.

She is always asking if I wish I were little. "Mommy, do you wish you were small like me? If you were little, you could come to school with me and play with me. We could be bwest fwends." You are my best friend honey. I love being with you and you make my heart smile. I laugh every day because of something you do or say.

I love watching the way you play. You have a wonderful imagination. God bless you baby girl. I can't wait to see what could of women you are going to be.

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  1. Anonymous10:11 PM

    Goddess sounds Precious!! Best Wishes Sweetie:)


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