Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Getting Ready For 2009

I don't know about you people but ending a year means tons of work for me.

Here is my agenda for the next week in no particular order.

  • Visit 3 more homes to exchange gifts.
  • Put away holiday decorations.
  • Clean all rooms thoroughly.
  • Send out thank you cards/holiday cards.
  • Get my husband's company ready for taxes (spreadsheets, receipts, filing paperwork).
  • Get household finances in order (categorize on Money, file paperwork, organize).
  • Make a photo book through Clark of Christmas 2008.
  • Clean out photos and video from cameras and sort into folders.
  • Go through and delete any photos not worth keeping (approx 5,000 pictures).
  • Make a folder of the best of 2008 pictures and put the others onto a hard drive and onto back up DVDs.
  • Find homes for all Christmas gifts.
  • Pull out 2009 calendar and mark important dates on it.
  • Put my feet up and reflect on the new year.

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