Saturday, December 06, 2008

Questions of the Week #42

As a regular reader of Me and Mine I recently decided to join one of her meme's called Questions of the Week.

Here’s this weeks questions.

1. I want to see you. Can you post the very latest photo of yourself? Or link me up with your latest photo.

I had my son take this just now. Can you tell I am on about 5 hours of broken sleep?

2. Do you remember what last week was? What? Um, yes...I think so. It was the week of Thanksgiving preparation.
3. Are you going to spend more money or less money than last year’s Holiday Season? Unfortunately more. I usually shop more during the year. This time I feel like I did most of my shopping in November and December.
4. Do you prefer your clocks/watches to be set on 12hr or 24hr time? 24 hour!
5. Do you like the funny junk mails that friends or relatives send you? Nope! I never read any of them. They sit for days and then I finally have to just delete them. I get about 250 emails a day.
6. Have you ever fainted? Too many times. Mostly when I used to take the subway and get stuck in a tunnel. My mind would get the best of me and I would end up hyperventilating thinking about all the carbon I was breathing in from everyone else. It was just too warm in there. Fortunately, my live in boyfriend was with me (we worked together) and he would carry me over his shoulder until he could get a seat.
7. What other capital city aside from your own country you’ve been to already? What was it? None.
8. When you see a number between around 1900 and 2050, do you automatically think of years? 1978, the year my mother died.
9. How many hours of sleep do you get on average on weeknights? 3-6 broken hours. I tell my kids daily that they are putting me in an early grave. Therapy money is being saved as we speak.
10. Santa can only give you 3 things this Christmas and each gift can only be $15 or less. What are you going to get? Link us up;-) Twilight, Chocolate, and a People Magazine.


  1. Very cool meme. You've got me thinking...

    And somewhere, there's a photo of me. Somewhere...

  2. Anonymous7:46 AM

    Hi! Thanks for joining! You have a pierced in your nose? Very cool! I`ve always wanted to have one.. ;) Maybe soon. And you look beautiful!


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