Tuesday, December 02, 2008

ABC Wednesday - T

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T is for Tia. Every Christmas Tia comes from California to spend time with her niece and nephew. She stays over one night and we try to see her 3 times while she is visiting. The kids are very lucky to have her in their life and they know they can count on her for the most awesome presents. This year she is totally out doing herself in the gift department. I can't wait to post pictures of the kids with their gifts from her. Last year when this picture was taken, the kids and Aunt Marta made some cookies and a foam gingerbread house. This year I may just have to get a real gingerbread house and see how they do with that.

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T is for Toys. There are so many Christmas toys under the Christmas tree and this is way before Christmas. The train, The Little People train, Little People Manager and Christmas Village, along with various other kid friendly things are out of control. I love this shot of my son waiting for the train to come around.

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