Monday, December 01, 2008

Product Review - A Month Of Meals

Is figuring what to make for dinner tonight making you crazy?

Do you hate shopping because you get to the Supermarket without a game plan?

Does the cost of your weekly grocery bill keep getting more expensive?

Is everyone rolling their eyes when you put another meat loaf, salad and bread on the table?

Check out A Month of Meals
A Month of Meals was designed to help you:
  • Consistently save money.
  • Spend more time with your family
  • Shop and cook less
  • Help you plan your food budget and your menu.
Imagine spending only approximately $200 A MONTH. Yes, that is not an error. Only about $200 month on groceries. I spend almost that weekly now.
Included in A Month of Meals, you will receive:
  • Meal Plan’s
  • Recipes
  • Shopping Lists
If you’ve decided that this is what you want – worry free grocery planning, shopping, and cooking claim your instant download of “A Month of Meals” at the amazing price of $19.95! A Month of Meals is so confident that you will love their program that they are giving you an 8 week, 100% money back guarantee.
The book includes an Introduction
Chapter 1 - What and Why
Chapter 2 - The Meals
Chapter 3 - Explanations of Meals and Variations (Including a list of pantry staples).
Chapter 4 - The Recipes in Weekly Meal Plans (Love meals that can be prepared ahead of time).
Chapter 5 - Average Price and Items and How to Shop (Worth every bit).
Chapter 6 - Shopping Lists
Chapter 7 - Connecting with good health.
Chapter 8 - Principles to Live By (My absolute favorite part of the whole thing).
Chapter 9 - Feeding the hungry.
Chapter 10 - Link to Helpful Sites (Loads of good sources for the health conscience).
The first time I used the plan, I was so excited. I felt no pressure walking into A& P. There was no wondering aimlessly through the aisle wondering what I would be making for the week. I was armed with my list and ready to shop. I felt good as I headed to the checkout with my small but detailed collection of items. There was no extras since I walked in knowing what I was buying and I spent $48.90. Usually I would have spent $160.00 because I have no game plan, or no menu ideas. I just walk through wondering what my children, or my husband would want to eat.
My favorite recipe so far has been for the eggplant parm. My husband loved the tuna melts and the kids the mini pizzas.
Order the E-book today and get yourself on track to save money and eat better for you and your whole family.

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