Monday, December 08, 2008

Amateur Book Review - Queen of The Road

When the Family Review Network asked for reviewers for Queen of The Road by Doreen Orion I jumped at the chance after reading the summary.

Doreen Orion's husband had a dream. He wanted to spend a year on a bus traveling the U.S.

The cover says:

The True Tale of 47 States
22,000 Miles
200 Shoes
2 Cats
1 Poodle
1 Husband
and a Bus with a will of its own

I found this book hysterical. I love Doreen. This chick can tell a story. I love her attitude, the fact that she makes no apologies for who she is, her wit and her relationship with her husband.

Anyone whose nickname for their husband is "Project Nerd" while wearing her Manolo's and eating bonbons, while sipping a martini has to be a character. I would love her as a friend.

Doreen and Tim's relationship is based on mutual respect for each other and accepting and loving each other for the differences as much as their similarities which as far as I can tell is just their profession (the are both psychiatrists).

Her recount of the bus door flying open while Tim was driving made me laugh out loud.

Each chapter begins with a martini recipe and instructions, such as the:

Love Me Bender
2 parts passion fruit liqueur
2 parts champagne
1 part raspberry liqueur

Rest shaker on hip, gyrate, drink. If you can still recall that the love of your life is making
you live on a bus, repeat.

I love her description of Mardi Gras. She writes: Why would I want to scream and beg funny looking people to throw me some gaudy plastic doodads that wouldn't (Thank God) go with a single outfit I own?

And how she goes on to write how cows become steak, deer becomes venison and pigs turn into pork but chicken, rabbit and turkey stay the same. Funny, never thought about it but now I do.

I love how she also goes to her first open coffin wake and compares the body to waxed fruit. This chick is Fun-knee!!

Honestly, there are too many good things to point out in this book. Doreen is a great storyteller I mean really who else could take the story of 2 people traveling cross-country by bus and make it entertaining?

Check out her website for more information on the book, her podcasts, interviews, merchandise and more.

I highly recommend this book and will be passing it to a friend to enjoy.

This is a great stocking stuffer for any reader in your life.


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  2. Love your review. Sounds even more hilarious now!!!

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  3. Great review. It's a great book


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