Monday, December 08, 2008

Ruby Tuesday - Our Santa Visit


We went to see Santa on Friday. There were 4 people in front of us and the line went very quickly. When it was our turn we were there for 25 minutes. It wasn't because of the kids it was Santa. He was very sweet and took a lot of time talking to my daughter and occasionally my son who was sitting next to him. It was a sweet experience. He held my daughter's hands as she stood in front of him and in the most loving Santa voice said, "I know what your name is, your name is Cinderella." The he sang Santa Claus is Coming to Town and asked them what they wanted for Christmas, if they have been good, if what he wants them to leave out for him on Christmas (cookies, milk and carrots for the reindeer), what he should bring for mama ("is she a good mama? What should I bring her?" The answer "Christmas presents") etc.

It was very nice and I was able to take tons of pictures while waiting for the photographer to tell me when he was ready. I was getting uncomfortable as I moved around taking photos from all angles because there were people waiting on the line. I told the photographer to let me know when he was ready and I would stop using my flash. He said, "whenever Santa is ready" as he and the other assistant rolled their eyes.

Finally, we got the picture done and Santa told the kids to "mind their mama" to which I filled in "that means no talking back, hitting, or fighting."

Then, he reached into a bag behind his back and pulled out a little bear, holding Goddess he said, "I never do this but if I give you this bear will you take it home and take care of it forever?" She said "yes."

He turned to Handsome and said, "would you like one too?" My son of course said, "yeah".

I went to pay and watched two more have photos taken. He gave them candy canes and was with each about 3 minutes.

It was a touching visit and my kids are dying to go back.

For another picture of this day go to my other blog here.


  1. Oh, how very sweet.
    There still are nice people, I means Santas around.
    Look at the thrill in the face of your daughter.
    Bet she loves her little Santa teddy.
    From Feliso

  2. Aww, I miss those days so much.

  3. A Santa that lives the spirit of giving in the Christmas. In fact, for Santa to offer so much time to your daughter in a time of hyperactivity of frantic shopping, is wonderful. He cared about his audience and made them feel special. A great capture!

  4. Great photo! I just love the joy that kids bring to this special season.

  5. Felisol, I didn't think anyone would notice her face. Cute! She looks absolutely thrilled.!

    Just Me, I will too I'm sure. It is already going to fast for me.

    Ralph, I through the same thing, he was amazing. Thanks, I think so too.

    Driller, is a wonderful time of the year and so different for me since having kids. Love it.

  6. What a great post! Good Ruby Tuesday to you!!

  7. That's very sweet. Wish we had that sweet Santa here.

  8. I too miss those moments at this time of year. How wonderful for your children, but just as wonderful for you. :o)

  9. Lovely photo and what a nice story to go with it. Says something about your children that he spent so much time with them and gave them such special treatment.

  10. Anonymous6:13 PM

    Oh, that is adorable. I'd be willing to bet that one is in a frame. Too sweet!
    My first Ruby Tuesday.

  11. I miss the days of visiting Santa

  12. Roger, Thanks so much! I love this picture.

    EastCoastLife, He was something else that's for sure.

    Carol, Thank you. I agree...I couldn't wait to write it all down so that I could share it with them long after I remember all the details.

    Raven, I didn't think of it that why but I guess you are right. I think he was just in love with Goddess..he never let go of her hands. There was a moment when I felt uncomfortable but the kids were in their glory but shy. He was an awesome Santa and I doubt there will be an experience like that again.

    CWM, I wish my flash worked a little better, I love this picture.

    Dianne, It is wonderful and I used to envy all the people waiting on line before I had kids and I am sure I will feel the same one day again. Sad that it eventually has to end.


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