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I love all things Angel. Online I call myself Angel, my daughter’s middle name is a derivative of angel, I collect angels and my mother is my angel in the sky, so when this review came up I really wanted in. Thankfully I was selected to receive a copy.

With no expectations other than I was going to review a book about experiences with angels I propped up some pillows and got ready to read.

I read the book in one night. The book is actually a compilation of angel stories told by the people who lived it, the people whose lives were altered, either by the feeling of an angel or someone in human form.

The stories range from survivors of impossible catastrophes to kidnapped children being returned.

One that sticks with me is of a women who was driving her children. As they drove along she kept noticing a man on every corner. She says it was impossible that he walked as fast as she was driving, but he always seemed to be there. When she finally got to a red light, the man walked over and told her to get out of the car. He said that there was a fire. Her daughters were concerned, but something made her trust a stranger and she and her daughters got out. She walked across the street with the stranger, when she got there her car went up in flames and when she turned to the man he was gone. She was told that the fire started where the girls would have been sitting. Thankfully she trusted her “feeling” and got out. Divine intervention is a powerful thing and the people in these stories will forever be changed because of their experiences.

We all wish we saw signs that were so blatant, signs to tell us or reassure us that there is a higher, greater power than us. The signs are all there if we chose to see them. Most of us walk around ignoring the signs of celestial power but thankfully the people in these stories live to tell about coming through the human fog of doubt and seeing the glory of all that is good.

Whether these stories are fabricated or someone’s imagination, the fact that their life was altered in the best way possible (finding faith) is what really matters.

If you are looking for a beautiful read for yourself or for someone else, you really couldn't go wrong with this book. I believe it should be passed around from friend to friend and never collect dust on ones bookshelf. So if you get one, pass it on to someone else with the same message. Mine is going to a women I know who could use a smile on her face.


  1. Stopping by to say hello to my fellow hosts on this tour. I'm so enjoying reading everyone's thoughts.


  2. Another great review, I really like this book. Very inspirational.

  3. Great review and that excerpt gave me goosebumps.

    Thanks for sharing

    ceashark at aol dot com

  4. Anonymous7:36 PM

    This is the second site I've run across on the tour and I'm glad I did because it's really starting to stick in my head. It sounds amazing.

  5. Sounds like an amazing book.

  6. Sounds amazing!!

  7. The book sounds fascinating, thanks for the review.


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