Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Monday Morning Memes - Blue Monday Manic Monday, Monochrome Maniacs

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Here is my daughter wearing a coat that belongs to her father. He has never worn it but I can't throw it away. I just might have to take pictures of the kids wearing it over the years.

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This is a photo of Santa's Christmas cookies which the kids left out for him before going to bed. This is the second year that we are putting them out and I plan on continuing for many more Christmas Eves. In the past we went to my in-laws house and got home long after the kids had fallen asleep. This is something I used to do as a child and love that my kids are so excited about it. We place them in a special Santa plate with the matching cup on a little Santa table.

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This was taken with my new Canon EOS 50D. I have a lot to learn but I shot this in black and white with this meme in mind. I anyone has any helpful hints about using this camera, I would much appreciate it.


  1. You got some buzz at Ohana Mama!

  2. Great Monday morning memes, Maria! Love the Giants jacket! And the cookies for Santa tradition! :)

  3. Morning. Your link takes people to the wrong post. Please come back and do it again. I'll delete your first link. Meanwhile, nice jacket; wrong team. (Go Dolphins!) Happy Blue Monday!

  4. We almost forgot to lay out cookies and milk for Santa, but mom (me) upheld the tradition.

  5. Just beautiful, beautiful pictures...
    I wanted to also say that I have a winter coat that was my Dad's..My dad was going to throw it away one year and I swiped it from him. I actually wore it through high school and my parents were appalled about it!! It was an oversized...dirty blue coat that my Dad would work on cars wearing!! ha ha...I just loved it. And I still don't have the heart to throw it away...I just don't wear it anymore!! I should dig it up (it now resides in a box somewhere)...but I should dig it up and post it on my blog...ha ha, it would make for an interesting story!!

  6. Erin,

    Thanks Erin. We could all use a little Buzz.

    Mary, Thanks for visiting. I love seeing your smiling face.

    SmilingSal, Still! I just can't get it right. This house is a total Giant home. My husband would freak if he saw one of his kids in any other team.

    Desert Songbird, It is one of the best parts of Christmas Eve.

    MySweetThree, See...that's what I am talking about. How sweet of you to wear it through H.S. and still have it!


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