Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Tantrums Are Going to Be The Death Of Me or Him


Tantrums Are Going to Be The Death Of Me or Him

I have been having some trouble again with tantrums only now they are more violent. More on this later.
What is working right now is just being silly. Asking him if he has lost his ears, “Oh my God, did you lose your ears? You can’t hear me? Let’s find them so you can hear me.”
I pick up the imaginary ear off the floor and whisper his name into it.
Then I say, “I’ve got your ear. Do you want it back?”
He says, “Yes”
I then put my hands on the side of his head and ask if he can hear me now and he says, yes.
I ask if he is ready to listen and calm down and usually the answer is yes.
Oh Lord! I need a drink.
It’s working about 65% of the time.
More on this situation to come when I have had some sleep and time to think.

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