Monday, January 27, 2020

Nothing Cuter Than Than A 3 Year's Apology


Nothing Cuter Than Than A 3 Year's Apology 

My Goddess cracks me up every day. She is funny, witty, lovable and just plain cute but when she apologizes I just want to cry. She always comes back and apologizes AFTER she has had time to think about it.
The other day, her father,
Such a grown up thing to do.. wait…, a lot of grown ups can’t even do this.
Oh where was I? Oh yeah, I digress, cute apologies.
The other day her father, asked her to stop pulling on the Wii remote. She didn’t. He asked her three times and then he took the remote from her.
The Goddess, Miss Dramatic, took off down the hall for the confides of her bedroom. She was in there about 10 minutes when I walked in and asked her if she wanted to go for a walk.
She said yes and we left for a casual 30 minute stroll around the block.
We got back to the house 40 minutes after the fiasco with Daddy and he opened the door when he saw us coming. The moment she saw him, she said, “I sowwy I was mad at you before.”
He said, “oh you are sorry.” He was probably unsure of what she was referring to since it really had been a while and it was not a big thing. There had been no yelling or tears.
They hugged and I tried not to laugh. It was so funny. Was she brooding about it the whole time? I have no idea because she was totally Miss Talkative the whole walk.
Today, at 5:30 she started a “I’m so tired tantrum” fight with her brother. He was sitting playing when she started crying and kicking him in the back. I went over and removed her. She went back and kicked at him. He came over and said, “Daddy, Goddess is pulling on the wire.” The husband who was eating, said, “mommy will be right there.” This was right after he told me to stop running over every time they fight.
Walking in, I removed her again. She ran into my room and closed the door.
5 minutes later, she knocked and said, “Mommy?”
Opening the door for her, she smiled at me. I said, “why did you shut the door?”
She put her arms up and I picked her up. “I sowwy I hurt your feelings mommy.” Then she hugged me and gave me a kiss on the cheek.
Hugging her and walking down the hall, Daddy calls out, “I want an apology too.”
I brought her over and she said, “I sowwy, Daddy.” They hugged and kissed and then she giggled and asked for crayons and paper.
Another moment etched on my heart.

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