Monday, July 22, 2019

Oh My God Summer Is Flying and I Am Feeling Guilty.

I don't know about you guys but we live in New York and just got out of school the end of the last week of June. July has flown by and I know August will do the same. The kids will go back to school and I will return to work. I miss my preschoolers and have only worked one day since leaving work the last Friday of June but I love being home with my kids. They will both be in high school in September and I know that high school are the fly by years.

So far we haven't done much except spend a few days at a pool, have a sleepover, go out to lunch twice, and volunteer at the animal shelter but when I look at everyone else's social media everyone is doing something with their kids. I have seen beach visits, cruises, out of state trips, camping, camp, family get togethers,  movies, zoos, etc., and then there is my family. My husband works long hours and is in college so we don't have a lot of time to get together as a family. He has so much to do on the weekends that he cannot go anywhere.

Does anyone else feel like they are wasting their Summer? If money wasn't a problem, I would plan more day excursions but being out of work for the Summer means zero money coming in.

I remind myself daily that my parents did they best they could but they both worked and we were on our own. It wasn't their job to make sure we made the most of our Summer but it was a different world too. Kids are inside way more than when I was a kid and most of their time is spent online.

UGH..tell me I am not alone! Are your kids spending a lot of time online? Do you feel guilty in the Summer?

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