Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Looking For A New Desk? Look No Further!

I wish this were my desk. It isn't! We got it for my daughter for her birthday this year. It is amazing how a corner desk gives her extra space in her room but also so much more room for storing her things than her last desk. She has the smallest room in the house but the most things in it. As an artist having a place to do her thing was important to my husband and I. We want to help foster her love of art and that means she needs her things accessible not in bins or drawers hard to get to or stored elsewhere especially given the size of her room.

When we removed the hand-me-down desk we found on a local tag sale site and stated putting this one up we were amazed with how much extra floor space she had. It changed the layout of her whole room and there really is not a hint of extra space.

Setting things up is fun for me but since it is her desk I left it up to her. She was stressed because she wanted to utilize the space as best she could while also showcasing some of her favorite items.

I love all the shelving and the magnetic wall in the back.

She now needs a better light, she is using her dad's old office lamp which is a basic desk green lamp as well as a new chair. This was handed down as well years ago. She does digital art as well as using a sketchbook and this desk is perfect for her. When she wants to use the sketchbook she can move her computer toward the back and do her thing!

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