Monday, July 08, 2019

My Life In Pictures - May 1 - May 14

May 1 - NADA

May 2 -  Made up for nothing from May 1st with this interesting story of my Grandma's lost ring
Lost this ring yesterday. It was a Cubic Zirconia I Had brought my grandma. I wear it everyday since getting it from her house when she passed. During a messy diaper change at work yesterday I pulled my gloves off and thought “OMG my ring”. I wasn’t going to dig and thought maybe I left it home. I wear it every day but maybe today I didn’t. When I got home I looked in the 3 places it would be; my dresser, the shelf above the kitchen sink and the bathroom sink. Nothing. I looked again this morning nothing. Tore about the top of my dresser, taking everything off and turned up nothing. Finally figured that was that and told myself I would have to be okay with never seeing it again. Walked into my bedroom 5 minutes before it was time to leave for work and saw this right on my dresser. Not only was the ring on the dresser but it was standing up on it’s stone. I yelled for my daughter to come see what my ring was doing. She knew I was upset that I had lost it. She came in probably thinking it was spinning because of the way I yelled. I still get chills thinking about looking at it in shock. Looking up and saying “thank you” before putting it back on. My daughter asked who I was thanking and I said “whoever put it back.” I am still so shocked and could cry over this. Craziness but blessed #feelingblessed #myparanormalexperience #grandmasring#love

May 3 - Goddess is at it again! I love her cat girl artwork.

May 4th -  Let's take a moment to enjoy these semi-formal boots I picked up for Goddess. I never had a shoe thing but man I love these boots. My whole life I never owned a pair of Doc Martens and so happy I was able to get her a pair. Are they not glorious?! So sparkly!

May 5th - I made a blueberry loaf to go with my Blueberry K-Cup review. It was delicious.

May 6 - Snapchat filters strike again!

May 7 - Taking photos of songs that play on my radio so I can check them out when I get home.

May 8 - When your kid won't pose for a photo as she gets ready to board the bus to Washington for a school trip, you enlist the help of her friends.

May 9 - Anxiously waiting for photos from my Goddess who is in Washington and suddenly get a text with a photo. Think it is her and friends but alas it is of a ICEE cup she got for herself. NICE!

May 10 - Took my boy to Burger King for dinner since it was just him and me. He did not want this photo taken. What is up with kids and cameras?!

May 11 - Awww my Handsome turned 16! I can't believe how fast time flies and hello...time to change my Maria's Space banner already!

May 12 - My girl picked up Mother's Day gifts for me in Washington. Made me so happy and surprised but felt bad that she ended up not having enough money for herself. She knows I love dark chocolate and she also picked me up pretty Cherry Blossom jewelry which I have been wearing ever since.

May 13 - More art work. How could I not share?

May 14 - Using my new WISH light box for the first time. Used some of Goddess' crystals.

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  1. So glad you found your ring! I am still heartbroken about a couple of mine that disappeared years ago. I have to admit, I still have a tiny bit of hope that I'll open a drawer or a box some day and find one inside.
    Oh, and those Docs are FABULOUS!!!!


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