Monday, July 08, 2019

Being A Badass Isn't A Bad Thing #allcriedout

This was me for many years. I allowed people to treat me poorly. After years of loss, abuse and abandonment I felt unworthy of a better life, a voice or respect for myself. I was conditioned by my past to not expect more. After years of crying alone, beating myself up and feeling unworthy of more something happened to make me really look at myself. To see who I was and to see how far I had come; ALONE! Hell I was a badass and it was time to change. I picked my head up realizing it was me who held me back. Me who allowed poor treatment and Me who could change it. I no longer sit back doing things I don’t want to or listening to others blast negativity without saying something to defend myself or others. I am all cried out. Tears that so easily would run down my face no longer exist. Maybe one day I will find a balance where I can be a sensitive badass who cries and snarls but for now I will settle for badass. If mascara ever runs down my face it will be because of the rain! #snapchatđź‘»#allcriedout #badass #love #me

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