Monday, July 15, 2019

My Life In Pictures - June 12 - June 20

June 12 - Goddess artwork makes me happy. The girl in the background is Goddess' friend who was drawing the other side of the hallway.

June 13 - The only photo I took was of some beautiful colored roses at Shoprite.

June 14 - I took this photo to show the sky. The morning started out as a totally different day full of fluffy clouds but on the way home it was a gorgeous blue sky.

June 15 - My son's newest haircut is a "modified Mohawk". He finally talked us into allowing him to have a Mohawk but the barber didn't understand us. I was happy with this instead. I am not ready to see him with bald sides.

June 16 - My daughter standing next to a tree my son brought home from a field trip. It was in a small pot and every kid brought one home to plant. Not sure about everyone else's tree but ours is doing wonderfully.

June 17 - Not a single photo! Wahhh

June 18 - I did this compilation of my daughter and her very first friend after their 8th grade semi-formal dance. The girls know each other since they were 3 years old in the same preschool.

June 19 - It may never work again but found a short goodnight animal animated video on You Tube. Narrator introduces the animal who is yawning. They shut a light while the narrator says Good night. At the end he tells you it is your turn. I shut it down and every kid went right to their mat. All 10 asleep within 15 minutes.

June 20 - We took the class on a scavenger hunt. They had to find grass, trees, a bird, a flower, butterfly, ants, etc. They loved it.

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